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Participacin en proyectos europeos de I+D

Si desea participar en proyectos de I+D+i con financiacin europea, utilice el motor de bsqueda para encontrar aquella propuesta que ms se adece a sus necesidades y mbito de actividad.

En caso de que est buscando socios para una propuesta de proyecto que est preparando para una prxima convocatoria, rellene el Formulario para una Bsqueda de Socios, para lo que necesitar los Anexos de Tecnologa, Mercado y Actividad. Tras rellenar el correspondiente formulario y enviarlo al socio de su regin, nos pondremos en contacto con usted para validar el documento.

Si desea ampliar informacin sobre alguna de las referencias, pngase en contacto con nosotros. Encontrar los datos de contacto del miembro de ACTIS ms cercano a usted en la seccin SOCIOS.

ltimas bsquedas de socios
Lmite 31 May 2021
Horizon Europe: New strategies for advanced material-based technologies for health applications. Development of a conductive material for 3D printing aimed at health applications and silver economy. Industrial partner sought for validation of the material
Basque (north of Spain) 3D printing SME has teamed up with a local technology centre, a university and another SME for the development of a special material suitable for rehabilitation treatments. The four organizations wish to complete a consortium with partner(s) who will have to test, validate and propose different applications for the new material under the ERA-NET Cofund M-eranet Call 2021 within research cooperation agreements.
Lmite 21 May 2021
A Spanish center for applied medical research is looking for partners (company, R&D centre, university) with experience in toxicological analyses under GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) conditions for collaborating in an ERA-NET (Euronanomed III) project
The Spanish center has applied to the Euronanomed 2021 call (ERA-NET) and they have passed the first evaluation stage. For the full proposal, the research group is looking for partners (company, R&D centre, university) with experience in toxicological analyses under GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) conditions to be part of the consortium under a cooperation agreement and continue with the project in which they will test nanoparticles prepared with specific siRNAs to treat the ischemic heart.
Lmite 15 May 2021
Horizon Europe EIC Pathfinder Open 2021: Spanish SME seeks partner for kidney transplant immune monitoring system
Basque SME (north of Spain) wishes to complete a consortium with a clinician who has access to kidney transplant biopsies for the EIC Pathfinder open call 2021. The objective is to develop a clinical analytic system which enables new and better strategies for immune monitoring in kidney transplant recipients.
Lmite 16 May 2021
Horizon Europe: UK company seeking partners for EIC Accelerator call on gait analysis
A UK wearable tech company is part of a consortium including a Polish mobile app developer and an Irish digital health connector to apply for EIC Accelerator funding to develop a smart shoe device to monitor and assess the motor function of a patient with Parkinson's disease. They are seeking experts in pathophysiology, healthcare app developers, data scientists and clinical partners to complete their consortium and apply for the funding, via research development agreement.
Lmite 31 Jul 2021
Horizon Europe Cluster 5 Climate, Energy and Mobility - Looking for industrial demonstration partners interested in improving their energy efficiency and reducing their emissions with heat upgrade technologies
Cyprus IT company, very experienced in EU projects, provider of technologically-advanced software solutions, is looking for industrial demonstration partners for a proposal being prepared for Horizon Europe, to apply innovative heat upgrade technologies, leveraging CSP (Concentrated Solar Power). Proposal to be submitted in HORIZON-CL5-2021-D4-01-04 / HORIZON-CL5-2022-D4-01-04 Calls. Partners can come from any sector (food, chemicals, textiles, polymers, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, cement, etc.)
Lmite 18 May 2021
Seeking for elevator or automations manufacturer for Horizon Europe EIC Pathfinder Open 2021 proposal
A Greek ICT & Robotics company is preparing a proposal for the Horizon EIC Pathfinder Open Call. The company aims to automate the phases of inspection in indoor building assets. One industrial manufacturer of elevator or automation is sought for completing the consortium.
Lmite 31 May 2021
Singapore company seeks Eureka partners for co-development in Emotion Artificial Intelligence for Behavioural Analytics
A Singapore SME has developed emotion recognition Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions using advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms. It is seeking co-development opportunities for telehealth, especially for identification and mitigation of mental health issues. The technology has been deployed in social service and healthcare. The Singapore SME is seeking to partner European SMEs to participate in the Eureka Clusters AI call for joint innovation projects.
Lmite 31 May 2021
Italian SME is looking for a partnership with a farm company for testing a drone that sprays phytosanitary products on crops (Framework Programme: H2020)
An Italian and a Lithuanian SMEs have developed a technology that enables drones to spray phytosanitary products on crops. In order to participate in the 2nd open call of the H2020-funded AgROBOfood project, the consortium is looking for an end-user where testing and validating their aerial spot spraying system, under research cooperation. The partner sought is farm company with know-how of pest control treatments, whose main cultivations include e.g. vineyards, apples, pears, small fruits, etc.
Lmite 30 Jun 2021
[EUREKA Network] A Korean sensor manufacturer is looking for software developer specialized in current control for a R&D project on high-precision fluxgate differential current sensor
A Korean company is specialized in developing different types of sensor such as IoT sensor, optical sensor module and pressure sensor for cars. To expand their product portfolio and to prepare for the rising electric vehicle (EV) market globally, they plan to develop high-precision fluxgate differential current sensor for blocking leakage in home EV, or Plugged-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) charger, with software companies in current control under R&D cooperation agreement for EUREKA Network.
Lmite 30 Jun 2021
[EUREKA Network/Eurostars3] Development of cost-effective metal bipolar plates for solid oxide fuel cells
A Korean company specialized in manufacturing display equipment and energy component is to develop a metal bipolar plate for SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell). With its in-house metal processing, low-cost and lightweight property, metal bipolar plate can be produced in large quantities. This company is looking for a partner with metal surface coating technology that guarantees excellent oxidation resistance and high electrical conductivity under research cooperation agreement for EUREKA and EUROSTARS.

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