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Participacin en proyectos europeos de I+D

Si desea participar en proyectos de I+D+i con financiacin europea, utilice el motor de bsqueda para encontrar aquella propuesta que ms se adece a sus necesidades y mbito de actividad.

En caso de que est buscando socios para una propuesta de proyecto que est preparando para una prxima convocatoria, rellene el Formulario para una Bsqueda de Socios, para lo que necesitar los Anexos de Tecnologa, Mercado y Actividad. Tras rellenar el correspondiente formulario y enviarlo al socio de su regin, nos pondremos en contacto con usted para validar el documento.

Si desea ampliar informacin sobre alguna de las referencias, pngase en contacto con nosotros. Encontrar los datos de contacto del miembro de ACTIS ms cercano a usted en la seccin SOCIOS.

ltimas bsquedas de socios
Lmite 07 May 2020
Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) : development tool for non-programmers to facilitate implementation of data acquisition, processing and analysis pipelines
A software languages lab hosted by a Belgian university will coordinate a FTI (H2020) to bring to the market an accessible development tool that radically diminishes the time and cost involved in implementing data acquisition, processing and analysis pipelines. They are looking for a consortium partner who relies on the collection of data in order to create or optimise products/services (IoT, industry 4.0, smart cities, fleet and asset management, telematics, etc.) for research cooperation.
Lmite 14 Abr 2020
LC-BAT-08-2020: A Spanish university is looking for companies with expertise in design and manufacturing of battery management systems as well as companies with capacity to manufacture printed electronics or equipment for these processes
A Spanish public university specialised in electrical and electronic power systems is developing a project proposal to the call LC-BAT-08-2020 on next-generation batteries for stationary energy storage. The project objective is to develop new aluminium-air batteries. They are looking for companies related to the design and manufacture of battery management systems and companies involved in the manufacture of printed electronics to work together within a research cooperation agreement.
Lmite 16 Abr 2020
Austria / Ukraine scientific & technological cooperation (in technology transfer)
Ukrainian University prepares jointly proposal for international project Austria / Ukraine scientific & technological cooperation. The project will develop new alternatives for collaboration between scientists from Ukraine and Austria. The University is looking for partners (universities and research centers) who are interested in collaboration and offer their expertise in technology transfer.
Lmite 02 Abr 2020
PRIMA 2020 - Redesign agro-livelihood systems to ensure resilience: looking for agrofood research centres from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal and/or Slovenia
A Spanish business association specialised in agrotech solutions is developing an R&D project proposal to ensure the resilience of productive activities in isolated communities of North Africa and Middle-East. The association is seeking European agrofood research centres to enter into a research cooperation agreement for a PRIMA project proposal on redesign agro-livelihood systems to ensure resilience.
Lmite 15 Ago 2020
Seeking partners with human factors expertise to join bid for Horizon 2020 SU-BES02 Border & External Security for 'walk through' airport process
A UK company & researcher seek consortium partners to apply for H2020 funding to develop a comprehensive, new digital re-engineering paradigm for airline passengers and operational stakeholders, enabling genuine Terminal walk-through' capability. Seeking companies/researchers with human factors research & development expertise to guide digital development to ensure users are able to interact intuitively in the process, via a research cooperation agreement.
Lmite 12 May 2020
Seeking subcontractors to support EIC Accelerator bid relating to electric vehicle charging stations
A UK company is developing a bid for EIC (European Innovation Council) funding and is seeking electricity generators, battery companies and vehicle manufacturers to work alongside the project. The project aims to increase the number of charging options for electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe with battery exchanges for trucks, buses and cars, to include load leveling battery storage to help manage national grids. They are seeking partners via research cooperation and other agreements.
Lmite 15 Jun 2020
National & Local Police sought for a H2020 project aimed at empowering the fight against crime and terrorism through digitalization.
A Spanish public university needs European State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs Police) to complete a consortium for a H2020 project (call ID: SUFCT02-2018-2019-2020), with the aim of integrating several digital technologies in one platform that will improve the fight against crime and terrorism. As end-users, LEAs involved will participate in defining the standard graphical notation, the system requisites and the testing scenarios.
Lmite 15 Ago 2020
Seeking blockchain and mobile app developers to join bid for Horizon 2020 SU-BES02 Border & External Security for 'walk through' airport process
A UK company & researcher seek consortium partners to apply for H2020 funding to develop a comprehensive, new digital re-engineering paradigm for airline passengers and operational stakeholders, enabling genuine Terminal walk-through' capability. Seeking ICT companies/universities to create innovative software solutions using blockchain, AI, and companies to develop a mobile app to capture an individuals iris biometric readings prior to airport visitation via a research cooperation agreement.
Lmite 30 Mar 2020
Call H2020 LC-GV-08-2020: electric engine developer and smart manufacturer sought for an innovative urban personal vehicle
A small Italian company specialised in compactable innovative e-bike is proposing an Innovation Action proposal for Horizon 2020 LC-GV-08-2020: Next generation electrified vehicles for urban and suburban call, deadline 21th of April 2020. The proposal referred to subtopic 1, with an innovative urban light personal vehicle. The applicant is looking for two SMEs: electric engine developer and smart manufacturer (4.0). This search is active by 30 of March.
Lmite 07 Abr 2020
LC-GV-06-2020: URGENT partner sought for H2020 proposal - Ultra light aluminum-copper-graphene cables with high specific electrical performance
An Italian University group located in Rome is looking for partners to participate in H2020 call LC-GV-06-2020. The aim of the project is to realize innovative aluminium cables electroplated with copper-graphene for use in the automotive sector. A feasibility study and the construction of a pilot plant are planned. The partner sought is a company that produces electric car motors in whose windings it is possible to test the innovative cables.

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