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Participacin en proyectos europeos de I+D

Si desea participar en proyectos de I+D+i con financiacin europea, utilice el motor de bsqueda para encontrar aquella propuesta que ms se adece a sus necesidades y mbito de actividad.

En caso de que est buscando socios para una propuesta de proyecto que est preparando para una prxima convocatoria, rellene el Formulario para una Bsqueda de Socios, para lo que necesitar los Anexos de Tecnologa, Mercado y Actividad. Tras rellenar el correspondiente formulario y enviarlo al socio de su regin, nos pondremos en contacto con usted para validar el documento.

Si desea ampliar informacin sobre alguna de las referencias, pngase en contacto con nosotros. Encontrar los datos de contacto del miembro de ACTIS ms cercano a usted en la seccin SOCIOS.

ltimas bsquedas de socios
Lmite 31 Jul 2021
Eurostars: Hospital with department for preterm neonates treatment and human milk donor bank sought to participate in study of human milk origin protein fortifier
A Swiss startup develops a device to concentrate protein fraction from human milk onsite in hospitals for premature infants with <1.5kg birth weight. They search for hospitals or milk donor bank for a Eurostars research cooperation for the study of the detailed composition of the fractions, demonstration of biosafety, hygiene and food safety of the ones for the preterm nutrition and to run a first trial to study the effect of novel protein fortifier for clinical outcomes of preterm neonates.
Lmite 28 Abr 2021
Providers of education and training services and biotechnology industrials from Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal or Sweden are sought for the next call of Erasmus+ Skills Alliances
A French BioCluster is going to apply for the next Erasmus+ Skills Alliances call. This European program aims to design and offer training content and teaching as well as training methods. They are looking for providers of education and training services and industrials from Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal or Sweden. The partners are expected to develop a transdisciplinary and professionalizing training offer in digital genomics based on the French cluster's scientific expertise.
Lmite 31 Jul 2021
Eurostars: Manufacturer producing filters for food-related applications sought to jointly further customize the matching filters for a novel health-tech device
A Swiss startup develops a device to concentrate protein fraction from human milk onsite in hospitals for premature infants with <1.5kg birth weight. The innovative technology allows protein extraction from human milk to help these neonates to grow. The company is looking for a manufacturer producing filters (micro- and ultrafiltration) for food-related applications to identify and further customize the matching filters in a Eurostars project for a research cooperation.
Lmite 12 Feb 2021
GRO/SME/20/B/06 COS-LINKPP-2020-2-05: Innovation management expertise sought for designing a public procurement of innovation broker model of collaboration between economic agents and administration bodies
Basque (north of Spain) regional-development agency specialized in SME-oriented innovation is looking for organizations with similar expertise to complete a European consortium. The project will be tackled under a research type of cooperation and will make public procurement of innovation (PPI) accessible to SMEs and startups as well as enable public buyers identify innovative solutions to meet their needs.
Lmite 01 Mar 2021
Norway Grants: Latvian biotech company is looking for a partnership with Norway company for fermentation based manufacturing.
Latvian biotech company is looking for a Norwegian partner to apply for Norway Grants for Latvian SMEs. The objective of the project: the manufacturing of biotechnological products using fermentation facilities in Latvia in partnership with Norway partner. The project is planned to be implemented within Norway Financial mechanism program 2014-2021, Program Entrepreneurship Development, Innovation and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
Lmite 08 Feb 2021
URGENT Erasmus+: companies sought to host post-graduate researchers for semestrial training
A university and a research centre in Greece are looking for companies to host researchers of a post-graduate programme on bio-entrepreneurship for training under a funded ERASMUS+ project. The companies should have expertise in research in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics diagnostics or food. Students should be hosted by the research & development or marketing/business planning departments. Trainee costs will be covered by the project.
Lmite 29 Ene 2021
EMFF-BEW-2020: Looking for for-profit SMEs as project partners in the commercialization of the tourism data driven tool in the Mediterranean Sea Basin
A Slovenian IT SME, is preparing a project proposal under the call EMFF Blue Economy Window (EMFF-BEW-2020) for the commercialisation of its comprehensive tool for modelling and optimisation of the tourism impact on a local ecosystem through fostering collaboration between different stakeholders. The company is composing project consortium and is looking for suitable partners: for-profit SMEs established in EU with experience in digitalisation, tourism and R&D under research cooperation
Lmite 25 Ene 2021
EUROSTARS2-project consortium for developing a kidney transplant immune monitoring system seeks partner
Basque SME from the north of Spain wishes to complete a consortium with a partner from the health sector (clinicians) who have access to kidney biopsies and kidney transplant biopsies. The objective is the development of a clinical analytic system, which enables new and better strategies for immune monitoring in kidney transplant recipients.
Lmite 10 Ene 2021
Smart mobility applications between Airports, Ports, and Rail Stations in H2020 LC-GD-5-1-2020 "Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility"
French Engineering School specialised in smart and connected systems is developing as a Coordinator a proposal inside H2020 Programme. ID Topic is LC-GD-5-1-2020 "Green airports and ports as multimodal hubs for sustainable and smart mobility". Partners sought are expected to be: Academic research laboratories, big companies, SMEs, airports, railway stations or ports.
Lmite 10 Ene 2021
EUROSTARS Spanish SME seeks partners specialized on very high resolution data collection with unmanned aerial vehicle and experts on in-detail land cover/land use map products (crops, habitats, forests) for the development of an automatic map platform
A Spanish SME specialized in solutions and services for the optimization of business processes and territorial management through information technologies associated to the territory is looking for partners interested in developing a big data and cloud computing platform which will semi-automate land cover/land use mapping based on very high resolution satellite imagery and data from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) expecting to get high accurate and up-to-date map products. Call Eurostars 2021.

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